Lulu Island Honey

Local Wildflower Honey & Wedding Favours from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Honey Favors

Hand-made, Sustainable, Eco-Chic Favours

For unique and thoughtful wedding or party favours, consider the sweet taste of local honey.  Our online shopping page is currently being updated, and will return shortly.  Please contact us directly and we'll direct you to the farmer's markets where purchases can be made in the meantime.

Charmers 30 grams $2.40/each

Boxed Favors - 1 or 2 oz

Sweethearts 50 grams, $2.90/each 

Boxed Favors - 3 oz

Hex Jars 60 grams, $3.25/each
$4.75 with dipper

Dippers Included