Lulu Island Honey

Local Wildflower Honey & Wedding Favours from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

HONEY TEA CANDLE Favours  - Photos & Prices

HONEY Charmers | Includes 30 grams of honey, custom tags and choice of ribbon. 

HONEY Treasures  |  Includes 50 grams of honey, custom tags & choice of ribbon. 

HONEY Hex Jars  |  Includes 60 grams of honey, custom tags, ribbon and optional dipper. 

TEA Charmers  |  Includes your choice of Earl Grey, Rose Green or Fruit Tea, custom tags & ribbons.

TEA & HONEY Combo  |  Includes a jar of honey, tea, clear bags, custom tags and ribbon.

2X2X2 Mini Boxes  |  Filled with honey and/or tea.  Custom stickers are affixed to inside of lids.

3X3X2 Boxes  |  Includes tea & honey charmers, custom sticker, choice of ribbon & dippers.

Candle Favors - subject to availability of wax (our quantities are limited).




Hex Jars
*with dipper / $4.25

Tea Charmers

Tea & Honey Combo
in clear bags / $5.00

Tea & Honey Combo
 in 3X3X2 boxes / $6.50


2X2X2 boxes filled with
honey charmer $4.00/each
tea charmer $3.90/each
honey hex jar $4.75/each
honey & tazo tea $4.50/each


To prevent crushing of tags or breakage of jars, these favors will be shipped unassembled. Local favours can be assembled (for an additional charge). All of our boxed favors will ship fully assembled and ready to give away.

Family Jars
325 grams / $8.00
1 lb / $12.00